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A Girl Blogs

jag skriver om dom vardagliga, roliga och goda saker i livet! ta en titt på roliga maträtter, bra böcker, humoristiska kattbilder, hur man fixar saker enkelt etc

Five Ways To Overcome Homesickness

Away from loved ones? I get you.. No Promise, I get you. As much as I love traveling, no one can deny the fact that I love my family more. Being an adult is hard. You have to take those decisions which are uncomfortable yet you do not have any other option. I, myself is […]

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Five Must Have Travel Apps

What is the purpose of Technology? Technology is to ease our routine tasks. Now almost everything is digital. Groceries to education to medication, everything is available online. Likewise, there are tons of applications and websites which add value for travelers. Being a travel freak I was already aware of many travel apps but I found […]

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Who knew life would turn out like this in 2020? Everyone had amazing expectations from the year 2020 but God planned it different way. Social distancing is a demand by a social being which is challenging but have no other option. You know what is worst than quarantined period? Being Hopeless. I won't say it […]

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5 Best Lessons I have Learned in 2019

We all are excited to welcome 2020.Everyone is looking for a successful and happy year ahead. I believe before stepping into 2020, we all should analyze our 2019. As per our elders; for better tomorrow, we need to learn from our yesterday. Recently, I tried to do that too & after that whole self assessment […]

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