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Här bloggar vi om allt som rör säkra snabba, statiska webbplatser, bloggar och praktiska kringtjänster som Cloudinary, Zappier, SumoMe etc. Vi är globala så vi pratar mest engelska.

Use live chat to beat the competition

You’re trying to evaluate an online service, wondering if they’d have the features you are looking for when - katching, a window pops up on the bottom of the page asking if it can be of any assistance. You reply, and your queries are quickly answered by a real, live human. That’s the magic of live chat. Online SaaS and e-commerce systems can be uninhabited, impersonal places. Adding the digital equivalent of a salesperson helping website visitors can be the difference between a...

Appernetic theme showcase gallery

The theme showcase gallery is ready! Now you can browse the gallery and install a theme just by clicking on it. This is the themes listed at Hugo Theme Showcase. Aggregated meta information We automatically aggregate and build a JSON file each week that contains the extracted meta information from each of the 86 themes. I also check if each theme has an exampleSite folder and a config.toml file and if they have we give them a star in the frontend.

How to build a mailing list with Zapier and MailChimp

Pain point I’m looking to put up a ‘coming soon’ page for a podcast I’m working on to collect some e-mails for the upcoming launch. What’s a good ready-made solution for this (e.g. WordPress plugin, hosted landing page, etc.) that allows for easy lead collection without custom coding or monthly fee? That was the question I saw in the 7 Day Startup group on Facebook. Similar questions were asked in Hugo Community discuss : Is it possible to add a contact form to a ...

Now you can sign in with twitter, facebook, github or your e-mail!

Static website service update! After users having expressed concerns about privacy we contemplated the implications over the weekend what impact it would have to add a custom sign up and log in with e-mail and a user-generated password to the static website service. For us and the service there is the problem with: Users that are not verified signing up Maintaining a user database Users that are not following GitHub Pages policy Sending out verification e-mail to users Developing and testing E...

How to set up a static Hugo website on GitHub pages in 2 minutes

A static website is fast and secure but it is not easy to set up a new blog or website if you don’t know a lot of commands, tools and also how to install them when you would rather like to be writing exciting content to distribute on the Internet! First,? you have to: download the right version of the static website generator for your OS and architecture. install git create a GitHub, Bitbucket, Dropbox or Amazon S3 account or set-up a web server with a web Host.

Minor enhancements and fixes

Site preview fixes and enhancements There was a case of a very sticky cache and this doesn’t work well if you immediately would want to check changes. Site preview has also been moved to its own subdomain:, and now it is also possible to view the site preview if you are not signed in, so it is easier to share the URL and collaborate. If you are experiencing problems such as site preview URL goes to a page that does not exist, try clearing the cache in your browser.


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Manage your web site images in the cloud

Cloudinary for image and video assets management in your static website We no longer use GitHub to manage images in your Appernetic static website service account. You can still use GitHub and they have an easy to use image upload, but to use Appernetic’s image upload you now have to first create a Cloudinary account. The advantages of using Cloudinary is so big that it was an easy decision to integrate it.

Performance optimization

Static website service performance improvements We have made significant performance improvements in our static website service and have dug deep into everything on the client and server side. All images are now sent with Cloudinary’s Akamai CDN including the favicon, and every CSS, HTML and Javascript file are compressed and minified. Speed Index We use webpagetest for our performance tests. As a measure of how one experiences the web page speed we use Speed Index.

Collaborating and working with hugo themes

Customizing themes If you just have set up your Appernetic static website service account you need to add a theme. The easiest way is to clone a theme which you can do from the menu button. You can start by cloning my customized hugo-bootstrap theme or get one from Hugo. Then select the theme from the list of themes and click Use Theme. When you do that the theme config settings will be copied to your project folder.

Why use a static website generator?

Full circle with static websites Today we have come full circle with static website generators. A long time ago at the end of 1994 I built a static website for the Swedish Tourist Association that contained hundreds of handcrafted html pages, it was quite advanced with a email to fax gateway that sent out bookings to remote mountain stations. Then I found ColdFusion in the beginning of 1995 and the sites I built had dynamic content served from MS Access databases.

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