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Här bloggar vi om allt som rör säkra snabba, statiska webbplatser, bloggar och praktiska kringtjänster som Cloudinary, Zappier, SumoMe etc. Vi är globala så vi pratar mest engelska.

Use live chat to beat the competition

Customer Support Tools You’re trying to evaluate an online service, wondering if they’d have the features you are looking for when - katching, a window pops up on the bottom of the page asking if it can be of any assistance. You reply, and your queries are quickly answered by a real, live human.

That’s the magic of live chat. Online SaaS and e-commerce systems can be uninhabite...

Appernetic theme showcase gallery

Setup wizard, now with theme showcase gallery in appernetic dashboard The theme showcase gallery is ready! Now you can browse the gallery and install a theme just by clicking on it. This is the themes listed at Hugo Theme Showcase.

Aggregated meta information

We automatically aggregate and...

How to build a mailing list with Zapier and MailChimp

Pain point

I’m looking to put up a ‘coming soon’ page for a podcast I’m working on to collect some e-mails for the upcoming launch.

What’s a good ready-made solution for this (e.g. WordPress plugin, hosted landing page, etc.) that allows for easy lead collection without custom coding or monthly fee?

That was the question I saw in the 7 Day Startup group on Facebo...

Now you can sign in with twitter, facebook, github or your e-mail!

Static website service update!

After users having expressed concerns about privacy we contemplated the implications over the weekend what impact it would have to add a custom sign up and log in with e-mail and a user-generated password to the static website service.

Appernetic Static website Generator with e-mail sign u...<h2><a target='_blank' href=''><b>How to set up a static Hugo website on GitHub pages in 2 minutes</b></a></h2><p><img width=100  src=

A static website is fast and secure but it is not easy to set up a new blog or website if you don’t know a lot of commands, tools and also how to install them when you would rather like to be writing exciting content to distribute over the interwebz!

First,? you have to: