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King Kong Magazine

Webbmagazinet för dig som joxat med trasan, backat med släp och kräkts i en taxi!


With a thick first skin, their second is an opportunity to be illuminated, ethereal and decorative.

Nemuranai Karasu

Paying tribute to the iconic Yohji campaigns of the 1970s and '80s, Oscar Lindqvist captures a frantic crawl across Shinjuku, Tokyo's non-stop epicentre, celebrating the raw energy of the designer's craft.

Beneath the innocence

Dolls are a curious thing. Intriguing in their perfect plasticity, they’re a fantasy object we as humans externalise ourselves onto. Children obsess over…


Sink or Swim at the Aquarium Delirium.


Sustainability in fashion has become an increasingly pressing issue within an industry of high consumption and waste, provoking an array of corporate and…


Sometimes the best fashion moments are stunningly absurd and ridiculous, loud and proud. Shot by Nobuyuki Tanaka, 'Mock' describes a ridiculous fashion-industry situation.


Making yourself into an art-piece is a highly underrated coping mechanism. Be it bored, sad or distracted - there's a lot of fun to be had in actualising a fantasy and becoming the concept.

Fear Eats The Soul

As winter comes to a climax, a throwback to being snowed inside when you desperately need supplies (and the whole city is closed..


Frolicking by the beach at twilight, a story showcasing French-Chilean designer Isabel Felmer's stunning garments

Dissecting Patriarchy

Photographer Sophie Hur casts Alexandra Marzella as the femme dissecting the patriarchy.


After the White Witch’s tyrannous, century-long reign over Narnia, the endless winter thawed into a glorious spring and summer. This inspired a new…

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