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Doktor Spinn

PR-konsulten Jerry Silfwers blogg om PR och andra typer av marknadsföring.

Cracking the PR Code

Public relations is easy to understand, but difficult to master. This post will guide you on how to de-code brand relationships.

Facebook Ad Targeting Categories [Infographic]

I've found this infographic by Advertisemint containing all Facebook ad targeting categories to be useful.

Report: The State of Online Video [infographic]

  • Longer videos tend to drive higher engagement, new research suggests.
  • Kialo — Clean Social Debates

    Kialo is "a debate platform powered by reason."

    It’s Time for a Career Change

    Every 2-3 years, I shift my professional focus. This time, I'm moving from PR to social video production and distribution.

    My Fucket List: 27 Things Never to Try in Life

    It's popular to write bucket lists of things to do before you die. But why not also write a fucket list of things never to try?

    My Twin Peaks Theory (with a Happy Ending for Season 3)

    The Twin Peaks finale left me sad and empty. But what if the show ended on a positive note? This is my "happy ending" theory.

    The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery

    Why are there four dots ending the intros and opening crawls in Star Wars? And is there really such a thing as a 'four dot ellipsis'?

    Bell Pottinger’s Abominable Non-Apology Letter

    The reputation management agency Bell Pottinger issues an apology that isn't a real apology. And I hate every word of it.

    A Data Warehouse for PR and Marketing: Why You Need It

    Datadriven PR- and marketing is the future. But the time to invest in a data warehouse is now, not tomorrow.

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