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Doktor Spinn

PR-konsulten Jerry Silfwers blogg om PR och andra typer av marknadsföring.

The useful idiot syndrome

By overcompensating to signal our personal moral value, we might be acting like useful idiots for those who doesn't support our agenda.

Unsolicited advice

After nearly two decades of consulting, I've learnt that it's a bad idea to splash valuable but unsolicited advice far and wide.

Why you should never use the word “unique” in PR

Many PR professionals, who honestly should know better, still cling to the word "unique" — even to the point of fiercely defending its use.

My home office setup

I wanted to share my home office setup. Like most of us white collar workers, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking it’s time to go away, I’ve been upping my home office setup with some new gear. I love working from home and once the lockdowns goes away, I’m sure we all will be working in […]

How to write a PR pitch

When writing a PR pitch, always begin by introducing yourself, clarify your affiliation, and ask for permission to state your business.

Loose now, win later

A lost race isn’t necessary a bad start. Imagine a bunch of kids deciding on having a race with soapbox cars. They agree on a deadline and they get to building. One kid gets an ambitious idea — “why not build a super-fast engine!” Since the kid doesn’t actually know anything about engines, he starts […]


I like contrarian thinkers — also when they’re wrong. To always take the intellectual route less traveled is hazardous. Chances are that that road is less traveled for good reason. From a statistical perspective, contrarian thinking is just risky. But that’s what I love about contrarian thinkers. So, they’re exploring ways of reasoning about various […]

Easy street strategy

I don’t have any science to back this up and this line of thinking is still under development. But I think that this is important, so I’ll just throw this idea out anyway: Most new strategies are difficult to implement — for whatever reasons, really. But a few new strategies are just a breeze. These […]

Your social media brain

Social media this and social media that. People are still struggling with their feeds. Bots. Filter bubbles. Echo chambers. Cyber bullying. Online trolls. Online mobs. Online hate. Polarisation. Fake news. Conspiracy theories. Propaganda. Alternative facts. Cyber terrorism. Brandcallers. Spam. Ad fraud. Fraud in general. Alt-right. Alt-left. Government surveillance. The copyright mafia. Deplatforming. Cancel culture. Techlash. […]

Cycle times

Effectivity, efficiency, productivity, quality, quantity, reach, impact, engagement, conversion, bounce, churn, loyalty, acquisition, retention, satisfaction, discovery, activation etc. All of these are interesting in public relations. And in marketing too, of course. And in business as well. But I’m mostly interested in cycle times right now. In a wired world, cycle times is to digital […]

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