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Lunki and Sika

Two Swedish filmmakers on a mission. Within a year they want to achieve the goal of getting their own TV-show in America. Guided by director Janne Widmark, every Monday they get a mission to complete and every Friday they must show a result.

The Adventures of Psychic Sika: Ben Affleck in tights.

Everybody seems to hate the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman. I don’t. I think it’s going to be awesome. And not just because I am convinced Ben Affleck reads this blog, but also because I predicted it would happen back in March, 2011. Well, kind of predicted it. I think I was close enough with […]Movies I Would Love to See Made: Thelma & DeLuisePlot Summary: A road trip cross country to Mexico with Thelma (Geena Davis) and DeLuise (Dom DeLuise), filled with funny hijinks, rape and murder.  More Stuff I Would Love to See Made: Sitcoms I Would Love to See Made: Krueger Town Movies I Would Love to See Made: Big Momma’s House 3  Kids Shows I Would Love […]Celebrating 1,000,000Wow, congratulations to us! We just reached 1,000,000 visits here at the blog so me and Lunki celebrated with coffee at our favorite cafe. We go there all the time, but this time we walked in with our heads held high. When we reach 2,000,000 we plan on getting some cake too. Or at least a […]

Sika McBeal

Remember the show Ally McBeal and how the main character often heard songs in her head? I do that too!! I hum the “Love Theme from The Godfather” whenever I’m walking somewhere. I’ve done it for years. That’s pretty much all I have in common with Ally McBeal though. I (sadly) do not suffer from […]We have Beards so we know Movies: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)Brace yourselves; here is my review of The Dark Knight Rises. It’s loaded with SPOILERS so you might not want to continue reading on if you haven’t seen the movie yet. (And if you want to read the review in Swedish instead, click here!) I didn’t like it — period. It was epic but stupid. I usually like Christopher Nolan movies […]

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