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Eye C : abstraction

Här kan du läsa om seendet ur ett visuellt, filosofiskt och ideologiskt perspektiv. Välkommen!

Gratitude 180520

Ok, so I’ve actually been awake for couple of hours, but here we go – this is what I feel grateful for on this very day (well, evening, to be quite honest – but still). In no specific order. Imagine there are always something to be grateful for – it’s amazing.  

Visualize this

Doing personal growth and transforming oneself from unconcious to awake and conciously creating one’s life – that’s a bloody fulltime job. I don’t have time for anything else – really. It’s hilarious. Lucky me, I find it to be extremely rewarding in every way possible, so I don’t mind doing it. ??  

Gratitude 180519

My sleeping habits are backwards from everyone else’s, so I sleep during the day and am awake during the night (am I a vampire, mayhaps). Yesterday, my sleeping habits got all wacked up due to everything I had to do during the day, so I’ve lost track of pretty much everything. I know I should […]

Manifestations of others

I had an interesting experience the other day. I was standing in a line (very typical in Sweden), and a young woman few people ahead of me, suddenly fell down on the floor, cramping rather extensively. Someone called the ambulance who was there in only few minutes, and she got the help she needed.  

Gratitude 180518

It’s a new day and time to express some gratitude. Actually, I’ve been awake and up for several hours, but I’ve been too busy to write this down until now. And now that I do, I actually have some very fresh stuff feeling grateful about. Law of attraction is working its magic. ??  

Manifesting begins!

All right. I’ve spent quite some time pondering about this whole thing with how I live, and how I want to live. There’s a difference. One of the tricky things when you realize there are no limits to what you can have – at least my mind goes totally blank. The very interesting question arises […]

Gratitude 180517

Day 2 on the journey of being magically grateful. ?? I just woke up, and I’m usually (as today) rather groggy for quite a while after waking up. We’ll see how much sense I make in my being grateful as a start of this day. ??  

Before bedtime

I just got back in from walking my dog. It’s early (really early) in the morning, and I just felt that I had to show you and tell you about this. Todays’ task in the Magic book (Rhonda Byrne) is to find a stone to direct your gratitude towards, at bedtime. Now; the book says […]

Switching mindsets

I know I said few days ago that I wanted to take a break from listening to audios by Abraham (Esther) Hicks, Bentinho Massaro and others. I did, and then I didn’t. And I’ve come to realize that I actually need to listen to all these audios/videos. I need it, to keep my level of […]

Gratitude 180516

I recieved the book Magic by Rhonda Byrne as a gift yesterday, and intend to start the 28 days journey of gratitude which is the whole point of the book. This means that I’ll be writing down ten things every day that I’m grateful for – and why I am grateful. I am starting today, […]

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