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Eye C : abstraction

Här kan du läsa om seendet ur ett visuellt, filosofiskt och ideologiskt perspektiv. Välkommen!

Moving forward

It’s funny how things get started without you even knowing about it. I have an idea of how I want to live, which has very much to do with some life style choices I’ve made. The idea includes people, money, creativity, strong and healthy relationships and much, much more. I spent quite some time thinking […]

My greatest creation yet

Sorry for the lack of regularity of posts. I’m being too busy painting my nails, trying to be all girl-y. ?? Today, I am going to tell you about my greatest creation yet. I’ve already told you (although a bit short) about my bipolar disorder, that I need help to get my life back together […]


My mind works in mysterious ways. I find that I usually search for (and find) various ways of understanding different concepts. Presently, I am working on understanding the fact that it’s all right to fill your own space with – yourself. That it’s ok to fill the space you’ve been given, to not excuse yourself […]

More gratitude, 180904

All right, so I’ve slept and had at least half a day up since I wrote last post of gratitude. I just realized one more thing for which I am highly grateful, so this post will be about that, and that alone. Namely; freedom of choice.  

Gratitude 180904

So, since I haven’t posted much at all during summer, I thought I’d give it a go with some gratitude again. It’s always benefitial to feel gratitude, and lately I’ve found quite a lot to be grateful for. So let’s go! ?? Oh, and there’ll also be a short wishlist for the rest of this […]

the Tower

The Tower is one of the cards in the major Arcana in a Tarot deck. The card stands for something being torn down, and the beginning of a rebuilding process. Some may feel that the card has bad energy – I’m quite the opposite.  

Inspired thought

Really, this isn’t a new idea for me. It popped up… well, in all honesty, I have no idea – few years ago!? ?? Due to my bipolar disorder, lack of energy et cetera, I haven’t been able to actually do it yet. But the thought of it stuck up its head about a week […]

Finding beauty within

I’m sorry for the lack of blogging during the summer. Sweden’s had its hottest summer for about 260 years – it’s been disgusting. I don’t deal well with normal summer heat, and this summer, all my time and energy has gone towards surviving from the moment I wake up til the moment I fall asleep. […]

Manifesting without realizing

All right, so I am spending most of my time coping with the excessive heat in Sweden at the moment – I said so earlier. It demands all my attention and energy, which is why the blog, unfortunately, has suffered. But the last couple of days has in many ways been crazy, and I feel […]

Being in control

All right, so I have spent the last week all messed up about the latest event regarding my application for (the swedish term) “god man”. I only just now realized what may be the main thing that causes all my mental issues with it. Or, at least my emotional response to it – I am […]

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