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Chris Ramblings

Chris Ramblings är en blog om politik framförallt liberal men även om internet, vetenskap och en släng av liver som en expat i Prag.

running mightytext with chromium and ubuntu

Earlier today i was trying to evaluate Mightytext an application that enables you to send and receive SMS and MMS from your browser using your android mobile phone. But it didn’t go to well i eneded up in an loop asking “The application MightyText is requesting permission to access your Google Account.” again and again when [...]

free swedish number portability look up service

When Sweden implemented number portability for mobiles (MNP – Mobile Number Portability) and fixed lines there where some people who stated that this information should be published in DNS or a DNS like system so it would be cheap and available for everyone to use. Naturally the telcos wanted to do it the way they [...]

How to run a bitcoin generator on FreeBSD

  After all this bitcoin hype lately and the fact that most clients are made for Linux, no wonder that i have seen several requests on how to run a bitcoin generator under FreeBSD. I’m still not convinced that bitcoins are more than a pyramid scheme, but i decided to check things out and it actually [...]

eldorado found or swedish newspapers dont check their stories

The story that eldorado might have been found is so flawed… It’s the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that picked up a story that someone might have found El dorado an hidden paradise. They also claim that it is an ancient city that was discovered on google maps. But if they would have read the original article in [...]

aliens behind the placement of woolworths stores

One of the funnier things i read todays is that the placement ow Woolworths stores might be planned by the same aliens that planned the location of Stonehenge and a lot of other ancient British monuments… It’s the mathematican Matt Parker that have found that the Wollworths store are placed to form exact equilateral triangles much [...]

swedens energy crisis

Swedens energy crisis could easily be solved and now in a green way.

green nuclear power plants

I consider nuclear power a relatively green and safe power source. This due to the fact that power plants running on coal spew out enormous amounts of carbon dioxide during normal production, but nuclear plants only pollutes during an catastrophic event due to malfunction. Added to this is that globally 10.000 people die yearly in [...]

why forbidding thoughts is a bad idea

Being a liberal i have always had problems with forbidding thoughts.  And now when doing some research into “climate gate”  i stumbled upon a blatant example. During 22 years from 1984 to 2006 Sweden had a “thought ban” on nuclear reactors.  It was forbidden to design nuclear power plants or calculate costs for running these plants. [...]

Baffling Medical Conditions

Some diseases are really strange. And a lot of them unexplained. What about these for an example: A woman who suddenly can’t open her eyes. It usually keep on for three days, then she is normal again for a couple of months. A man who can’t freeze. Or rather his body copes so good with cold that he [...]

the future for saab

Some rumors today is that Koeningsegg (You know that fancy top of the line Swedish car maker) will buy SAAB. And yet some other say that the formal descision and announcement will be made in just a couple of days. This sounds like a great solution, beefing up SAAB and at the same time giving Koeningsegg [...]

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