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Life extension vitamins

Finns det vitaminer som kan förlänga ditt liv?

Life Extension With Calorie Restriction

The key to extending our lifespan is to eat in a way that incereases the mental function nad precent diseases. We must learn how to use food to help us to live longer and stronger. Food consumption is one of the biggest stresses we are putting on our bodies since the digestive process is quite [...]

Life extensions by eating Blackberries

Black Raspberries, also known as blackberries is a very good complement to the diet for the most of the people due to the fruits vitamin, andtioxiadant and fiber content. Unlike other foods that are good for you, raspberries are in fact delicious. Its even so delicious that it makes a acceptable subsitute for more traditional [...]

Life Extension Products Helps In Improving Your Life Span

Today, life extension products are gaining popularity at a rapid speed. People find them as a great and striking option for improving their quality and interval of their lifespan. Among a hectic life and bad habits, people cant find the time to get into exercising or even doing healthy diets and therefore there option is [...]

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